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With brands resorting to online mediums, there is a dire need to make a strong presence felt online. It is not an overnight affair; instead takes many tactics and strategies to let the required results prosper.

Online marketing is a primary business tool for a large number of businesses/brands of today. It enables organizations to harness the power rendered by the internet that takes the company to its next level. By helping individuals and brands gain increased visibility across several search engines, digital marketing practices ensure a more significant and faster reach.

At AJJA TP Inc, we have endeavored to make the right digital choices to uplift and leverage your online business. With the strategic incorporation of tactics and ideas, the digital marketing expert in the USA intends to drive your business growth to a new level.  Although the process might seem like a tedious one, with the right guidance, organizations can witness their online statistics evolving.

What makes us extremely confident in our services is our ability to deliver integrated digital marketing services with the right team in place. Our team of digital marketing experts offers impeccable services that ensure each client to attain the best results, irrespective of the nature and size of their business. At AJJA TP Inc, we believe in delivering efficiency and outcomes at a cost that you simply cannot ignore!

We are a firm believer in being an extension of your core team, which is why we have prioritized a strong sense of collaboration and transparency. We wish to take one step further than being a digital marketing expert and want to be an extension of your team by delivering the right digital marketing solutions that we both can adhere to.

Digital Marketing Services


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Undoubtedly, the most common form of digital service, SEO has become our go-to digital marketing plan for a large number of clients across the world. The right incorporation of our advanced SEO strategies and techniques enables businesses to gain a cutting edge hold across search engines. Get a customized approach from our team of experts today and start generating the revenue you have always dreamt of.


Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Statistics cite that individuals clicking on online advertisements are more likely to end up making a purchase. Our Pay per Click Advertising strategy can help organizations and businesses convert a large number of potential customers to real ones. With a team of certified PPC experts, we are here to perform everything from Facebook to Google Ads.


Social Media Marketing

Manifesting cutting edge strategies across a myriad of social media platforms, we help businesses engage several potential customers to their product/service online.  The social media experts at Ajja Technologies Inc ensure the accurate delivery of words and graphics that enables a targeted approach to social media browsing. Know how to build a robust online presence with awareness and gain customer loyalty with the help of our customized social media strategies.


Content Marketing

Did you know that companies using this form of digital marketing witness six times more conversion rates as compared to a business working without it? We help you acquire full suite advantages of content marketing through our data-driven content marketing services and reach future customers across every stage of the buying funnel.


Local Marketing

For a company having multiple locations, simple traditional SEO service will fail to suffice the needs of present-day business. Instead, companies need to step their digital marketing game ahead and seek local marketing strategies to target an improved local audience. AJJA TP Inc looks closely into developing a strategized local marketing plan for your business, right from scratch.


Email Marketing

Have you been on the quest for a cost-effective marketing strategy? Now make $44 for spending every $1 with the help of our Email Marketing services. The professional email marketers at Ajja Technologies Inc are here to help your business stay at the top of the game. By designing effective email campaigns, we help you generate and nurture leads while driving repeated purchases.


Conversion rate Optimization

At AJJA TP Inc, we believe that online marketing travels much beyond the mere act of boosting traffic. Today, it is about converting them into leads which our team of CRO experts single headedly performs. A strategic conversion rate optimization solution is delivered that helps online businesses to not only improve sales but also attain an improved profit and ROI.

Reach out to us today to know more about our digital marketing services, apart from the ones mentioned above. You are just a step away from witnessing your online goals come to life!

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